Show Light Weight Beautiful Popovers On Any Text

Introducing PopOverXYZ, a simple light weight WordPress plugin that allows you to show beautiful popovers on any text by using simple short tags. Simply install it, activate it and start using short tags to generate text pop overs.

No more installing or adding complex HTML or JS code anywhere on your site or header or footer, simply install PopOverXYZ plugin and start showing popover above any text on any page or blog post or anywhere on your WordPress site.

You can even customize popover window title & alignment along with specifying link text and popover window content, all in one simple short code tag so you can specify these things for every text link popover you wish to generate and these could be different for each popover.

Here Is How It Works

Below are four lines, each having a text link popover with different title and different alignments, all set up with just a short code tag.

Just move over your mouse above any “click here” link from desktop browser or click the link if in mobile browser and you will see the pop over windows.

– Hey there, do you like our product, learn more, click here.

– Hey there, what do you think of this plugin? Share feedback by email, click here.

– Hey there, want to buy with bank transfer? Click here for bank details.

– Hey there, have order questions? Click here to get our direct number.

For the above popovers, we simply activated the PopOverXYZ plugin and used short code tags to create the pop overs so anyone can use this very easily. Have a look below at how the above shows in our WP page editor.

Right now, the plugin allows you to generate up to 10 different pop over windows on a single page. Need more? Contact us for a $10 upgrade up to the number of your choice.

So as you can see above, its a very useful plugin to show extra information to your site visitors in beautiful popovers above any text wherever required. You can do a lot of things with PopOverXYZ plugin, the choice is entirely yours.

And the best part is that none of the plugin CSS (style files) interrupts with your theme style on WordPress so you can be rest assured that your WordPress site design will not break using this as this plugin uses custom JS and bootstrap files and not the default big ones. So go ahead and download the plug in today. For any support, please contact us.